We present Khapto

Khapto is a revolutionary way of performing physical therapy that allows health professionals the ability to measure and register the intensity of the therapies they perform on their patients in real time as well as a better way to follow up on the objectives and breakthroughs of therapy.

Smart Glove

Until recently, technology was made to help us, we have developed technology to improve us. Use Khapto and get SmartHands.

Software and Application

The information on your SmartHands to the virtual world, easily send the information captured with your hands to a laptop, tablet or smartphone and let our platform do the rest!.


Store and check your patient’s information in the cloud, we use strict security protocols to ensure the outmost security in order to maintain your privacy. The cloud gives you and your patients access to any session information from any part of the world!.

They believed on us

How does KHAPTO help your patients?

We want to revolutionize the way in which physical evaluations take place, in other words create the 2.0 version of a health professional that uses technology in favor of the health of their patients and makes the recovery process a quantified process.

Real Time Monitoring

Graphics will show you the strength as well as the movements applied by and on the patient.
Pain alert: Khapto will alert you of the last pressure point where the patient felt pain that way enabling you to take necessary precautions to ease their pain.
Exceed the limits: Visualize your goals and advancements without forcing your patients to go over their limit, increasing their regenerative capacity without delaying your treatment.

Online File

Information within everyone’s reach. Quickly access you and your patient’s information from anywhere with internet access.

1-on-1 Care

Evaluate, measure, regulate and follow up on you patient’s time and progress. 3 or 5? Can you up his load, maybe 10 or 20? How about 100? With Khapto you will be able to track the progress of each one increasing your capacity and at the same time tend to them with quality and demonstrating real health care.

What is Khapto?

Motion sensors

Using the power of a gyroscope, with the ability to measure the angles and the versatility of the accelerometer, to register the accelerations and velocities in the three axis of movement, that’s how you do a complete followup in all directions. Transforming your hand in a brush that guides therapy. For a more detailed analysis the information can be consulted post session.

Preasure Sensors

The latest technology in the palm of your hand. Sensors are 0.20mm thick almost unnoticeable that allow Khapto to register the forceapplied in your hand. We’ve created a new, more fluid and natural measurement for the health professional who is used to doing it with his hands, unable to register anything.

Smart Bluetooth 4.2

The newest and fastest bluetooth (not yet available in version 5.0), is incorporated to communicate your hand with the digital world. With its data encryption technology, low energy consumption and fast information transfer makes the BLE 4.2 Bluetooth an ideal and secure component.

Li-ion Battery

Just like the battery on your phone, Khapto uses the technology of lithium ion to prevent the duration and memory of the battery to be affected by the form of the charge. It incorporates goomAh capacity with over 600 charge cycles, gives you a 2 year duration and keeps you worry free!

Unique, Costume Made Hardware

We use the latest technology to create this incredible product and deliver to your hands.

Made with for you.

How does Khapto work?

Want to know what we can do with your private clinic?

Khapto, does not only incorporate technology to help health professionals, it comes along with a whole management system that allows easy management of your professional team - recording their activity and therapy effectiveness as well as client satisfaction.. We also provide a unique feedback system where patients can evaluate their health professionals highlighting their positive areas to enforce or identify areas of improvement. All this provides your private clinic with quality service and experience.More

Professional management

Give your health professionals a boost. Assign cases that depending on your health professional’s specialty -our technology enables them to constantly learn and improve depending on their patients data, making recoveries fast and effective.

Assessment and constant improvement

The information compiled in the system allows us to make diagnostics of the weakest areas of your clinic, offering additional consulting services on how to improve.

Segmentation and business intelligence

Do you know what type of patients you treat? Do you know their specific needs? Which are their greatest needs? This information is extremely valuable and can be used to improve the customer service aspect of your business. Want to specialize your clinic? We provide a catalogue of independent health professionals specialized in different areas.

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